Over Band Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in Chennai,Bangalore,Hyderabad,Tadasricity,Guntur in India

Over band Magnetic Separator Manufacturers in India WHAT IS OVERBAND MAGNETIC SEPARATOR? Overband magnetic separators  - moreover called conveyor belt magnets or magnetic separator conveyor belts - eliminate with ferrous particles from raw materials and redirect them subsequently and reliably. A dependable and effective strategy for isolating a ton of iron  Simple to install  Consistent programmed cleaning  Ferrite, neodymium or electromagnet  For belt width 400-1600 mm  Various types for versatile or fixed installations An Overband magnet suitably and quickly separates high volumes of iron or steel and looms over a level or box framed conveyor belt or cross belt magnet. An Overband magnetic separator is self-cleaning and reliably draws Ferro parts from a material stream. The iron evacuation adequacy of  Overband magnets  goes from 70 to 90%. This depends upon magnet plan, item stream and position. FERRITE OVERBAND MAGNETS It is financially effective solution and vigorous long-lastin